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Sushi Ninja is Available! E-mail

Sushi Ninja, the new game by is finally available on App Store. Go to the the homesite of the game

My name is Shiro Maguro and I am the last heir of a thousand-year-old line of Ninjas. I've never seen a cradle, only the walls of my dojo, where I grew up learning the secrets of the martial arts from my fathers and my brothers. So I became the cold and fearless warrior who I am! I dreamt on legendary missions, like the ones I listened to from my masters, but the only job I found is for a Restaurant owner... No duels, no battles, no adrenaline: just a lot of sushi pieces to destroy on the kaitens of his competitor!"

Sushi Ninja will transform you in an unlucky ninja paid to destroy the sushi pieces carried by a Japanese restaurant kaiten in a growing of difficulty and hitches.

Smash up maki rolls, temaki cones and nigiris... but remember: ALWAYS HONOUR SAKE!

- 3D Graphics
- Real Physics
- Throw the shurikens using your finger
- Game Center Support to share your scores
- Growing difficulty with new elements added "on the road" 




Close your eyes, breath and remember when you were young. Forget the incredible 21st century 3D graphics, forget the dolby surround sound effects... forget also the colors... and bring back to life le old LCD portable games, the first and best time killers ever made!


With Pocket Game Nostalgia - GRAND PRIX WORLD you can keep in your iphone a piece of history of videogames, a small digital gadget to remember your youthness and to live again those moments.

Login in Game Center to share your scores with the world and remember how much the simplicity was fun!

And... most important... IT'S FREE!

iChain has been reviewed by E-mail

iChain has been reviewed by the online version of (one of the main Italian newspapers) as one of the best enigmistic games.


SUSHI NINJA is now on sale on App Store!



A small bug in the generation of the high score table of TANGRAM - The Triangles Challenge has been discovered and fixed. However, all records saved in the past weeks are now correctly displayed both in the game and on the website.

Enjoy the triangles!!

TANGRAM - The Triangles Challenge è in vendita

E' in distribuzione  su App Store TANGRAM - The Triangles Challenge, il nuovo puzzle game di Se le bolle colorate e i blocchi da incastrare ti hanno ormai stancato, perchè non passare al mondo dei triangoli? Tangram in vendita a 1.99$ (1.59€) offre una nuova esperienza di gioco fatta non solo di incastri, ma anche di intuito, riflessi e spirito di adattamento.

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iChain - Parole in catena

Dopo un mese di lavori è rilasciato "iChain - Parole in catena", il nuovo gioco di enigmistica di ispirato dalla notissima "Ghigliottina" del quiz "l'Eredità" (trasmesso da RAI 1). Il gioco, con definizioni originali al 100%, può essere acquistato tramite AppStore ed è compatibile con iphone e ipod touch.

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CAMBIO! è in vendita

E' disponibile l'utility CAMBIO! indispensabile per gli amanti del calcetto. CAMBIO! aiuta gli appassionati di calcio a gestire i cambi durante le partite domenicali e i tempi di affitto dei campi. Cambio è disponibile sia in versione completa a pagamento, sia in versione Lite con funzionalità limitate.

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